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Whether shipped in bulk, totes or drums, all LVO oils are delivered under full seal, sparged and blanketed with Nitrogen to preserve stability. Each parcel is Lot identified and accompanied by a certificate of analysis.




21-22 metric ton road tankers for domestic delivery or 18-20 metric ton ISO tanks for international delivery.




Totes: 1,000 Liter IBC's (intermediate bulk containers). Recyclable, biodegradable and incinerable.


Gross weight:


2,136 lbs. (968.87 kgs.)

Net weight:

2,019 lbs. (915.80 kgs.)




New, closed head, 55 gallon (208.2 Liter) steel drums meeting U.S. DOT specification UN1A1/X14/300.


Gross weight:


457 lbs. (207.29 kgs.)

Net weight:

420 lbs. (190.51 kgs.)



Being perishable, all vegetable oil should be protected from exposure to heat, light and oxygen. To maximize shelf life, do not break the container seal until ready to utilize the oil. Once the container is opened, the protective Nitrogen blanket will be lost and the oil should then be utilized as quickly as possible. Once opened, keep the container tightly closed when not in use. We recommend that containers be stored at cool temperatures, out of direct sunlight and away from boilers or other heat emitting equipment. Direct exposure to natural or artificial light (especially fluorescent) is very detrimental to the stability of vegetable oil and should be avoided.


Recommended storage temperature:


13° C (55° F)

Maximum storage temperature:

22° C (72° F)

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